Web Design Trends


Web design of your website is the visit card of your business success. It does not matter which kind of business you do.

Website should be useful, informative, friendly,cool and talk about you. Web design is one more opportunity to show your business is unique and the best one which the user was looking for.

So you should follow the trends of web design:

1. Flexible design

No more static elements. Your website visitors’ screens sizes are so different so you cannot guess or create appropriate webdesign for all of them.  The layout should  automatically fit to all other screens.

2. Flat design

Shadows, 3D elements, other effects are no more cool. These are not WoW! Cleaner, simpler web designs are in the trend. Visually it’s more effective.

3. Focus on typography

Your voice makes  your words more impressive and inspirational in public speaking. Typography does the same for your web content.

4. Long pages

Give  infinite scrolling opportunity to your visitors. Today people are “leazier”. Instead of opening too many pages and managing tabs of browser they prefer scrolling. People already do scrolling in social medias: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

5. Big photos and detailed illustrations

Internet users have already learnt to see more photos and less words. Big photos are more visual and speak more.

Truly, if you will follow this 5 simple steps, you can say that the base of the good and quality web design is ready. Just digitize your inspirations.


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