Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Social Media Marketing definition and Armenian SM Market

Social Media Marketing is a marketing tool using social media sites. Social media is a low-cost tool which combines technology and social interactions. SMM gives opportunity to marketers to be  closer to their customers or potential customers, speak with them and communicate.

Before you start your SMM campaign you should ask yourself : Why? How? What?

Why? Why do you use Social Media? Do your customers use them? Will SMM solve the problem which you have?

Make your SMM strategic plan. SMM has some features/rules which you should know by heart and follow them:

! Social media is all about interaction.

! Do not spam.

! Be active and just in time.

! Be yourself.

! Be creative.

! Do not hesitate to do experiments and new things. There are no written “right” or “wrong” rules in SMM.

Social Media Marketing isn’t a new thing in Armenian market. But it’s not developed yet.  This field is expanding day by day and your business can say more than you think. Armenian social media marketers mostly do Facebook marketing.

Doing only Facebook is too narrow. You should implement in your strategy vlogging, blogging, microblogs, etc. You can focus on Facebook but you have chance to be the pioneer to lead your Facebook fans to register in other portals as well.


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