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Hey fellas,

So today was doing web project on WordPress CMS. As usual went to the WordPress site for the download of the latest version of CMS. While trying to download, noticed the version of WordPress Has Changed to WordPress 3.6. As we already know WordPress Provides 2 themes by default {Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve}.

After the install noticed the update on theme change either. So congratZ to the all fans of WordPress CMS. We’ve got the new stable version of (EpicWebs Favourite CMS) WordPress CMS. Meanwhile we thought about our local customers who would like to have the WordPress CMS in Armenian. The final decision of our team to provide the CMS in Armenian came immediately.
Contact Us Get the WordPress in Armenian + any minor modification to the latest TwentyThirteen theme.


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 *WordPress in Armenian provided free of charge on any orders for WordPress project from the ground.


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