Graphic Design Types


Graphic design is defined as a method of implementing any thoughts through graphic objects, create a harmonious and holistic view of her, and taking into account the financial component, with a focus on selected market segment or to a specific audience.

Graphic design is divided into several types, which is determined by where it is applied:

  • Typographic design

  • Corporate identity (logo design)

  • Web pages design

  • Graphical solutions regarding to posters and packaging

Typographic design

The clever design of the magazine cover or a book is no less important than the content itself, because it is something that noted by most consumers in the first place. In addition, any subject can not be called an absolutely unique and it is likely that similar products have earned a favorable position. Decoration of internal pages support the idea of ​​a good informative and correct selection of material.

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity says a lot about the company he represents. It’s kind of a strategic move. Ranging from business cards, brochures, pens to clothes, having the logo of the company, everything is done in order to highlight the status, reliability and competitiveness in the market similar services.

Web Pages

Perhaps the most favorable place for the realization of any of the types of design, is the Internet. The World Wide Web, with its incredible traffic information, it is easy to “drown” with its even if it is an interesting idea or suggestion. Popularity, which has been steadily gaining Internet poses a difficult challenge for the suppliers of goods or services. Consequently, Web-design is not just a competent structure of the page, creating an interface and launch applications, but also its aesthetic features.

Graphical solutions

Graphic design of packages, posters, various media items is a kind of step on the road to establishing contact with potential customers, thereby raising the sales growth and the number of new customers. Aesthetics of supplied products is one of the key components of successful sales and achievement of goals.


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